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MW:M20, MW:M20 programme

MW:M20 – The conference programme is online!

MW:M20 programme: #Togetherness – Uniting for a new chapter of the music industry

The music industry has been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic – but how can it recover? This year’s MW:M will focus on this central question. To help shape a viable future, the focus is on sustainability, gender equality, diversity and inclusion. Further topics at MW:M20 are social video marketing, the future of music labels and the live music industry, and fair monetization models on (live) streaming platforms. MW:M will also explore the role of AI in music production, mental health and music education. Don’t want to miss out on these fascinating topics? Get your MW:M online ticket today!


What to expect from the MW:M Online Ticket

3 packed and exciting days of MW:M20:
  • November 3rd: the glamorous award ceremony listen to berlin: Awards 2020 – live at home from your sofa
  • November 4th: inspiring keynotes, panel discussions, workshops, live performances, interactive networking at MW:M Convention
  • November 5th: MW:M Satellites all over Berlin and 24 international artist showcases at MW:M Live
  • Access to the AI-based MW:M delegates database, which includes many opportunities to actively participate in the conference and network with all speakers, artists and experts
  • A virtual exhibition area
MW:M online tickets are available for the regular price of €20. BMC members, students, trainees, artists and freelancers only pay 50%!


Get involved with MW:M20!

COVID-19 and beyond – Legendary festival curator and promoter Marek Lieberberg and Prof. Jens Michow, President Federal Association of the Concert and Event Industry (BDKV), will discuss current and future perspectives for the live music industry in times of an almost complete standstill. The talk will be moderated by Aissata Hartmann-Sylla, Senior Director Booking at the Mercedes Benz Arena Berlin. The future must be sustainable – and it is imperative that the music and event industry undergoes transformation processes. Mountains of rubbish after festivals and the immense emissions of the touring sector are indicators of an industry crying out for change. Meet Viva con Agua activist Michael Fritz, musicians Antje Schomaker and Octopizzo as they discuss the role of music as a catalyst for social change, and the role of social media as a vehicle for it. U.S. artist Beatie Wolfe guides us through her innovative projects, revealing insights into her reinvention of music formats. At MW:M, Wolfe will give a deeper look into being a creative pioneer in the music scene. She will also discuss her immersive multimedia project From Green to Red, which visualises the human influence on the planet and is based on NASA data going back 800,000 years. Music is not only a driver of innovation, but also a mouthpiece for socio-political statements: musician, activist and business visionary Madame Gandhi explores, among other things, the tools and techniques the modern creator can use to hone their sound and aesthetic. This session will be interpreted live into sign language by Amber Galloway Gallego. Learn more about the increasingly popular Art of Drag from Berlin: HP Loveshaft, Pansy, Prince Emrah and Wizzy take the stage to present different creative and social aspects of this rich scene in four short keynotes!


Reclaiming the power of Hip Hop’s origins

Hip hop’s beat has long resonated with the mainstream, but during its ascension to the summit of pop music, its ethos and image was altered from the diverse, independent scene that sprung from New York City in the late 1970s into gangsta rap, which shaped the scene until the late 1980s. In this session Dreea Pavel, and Olad Aden explain how, in recent years, the hip hop scene has reconnected fans, exposing the true message and roots of the music directly to the mainstream public.


The Royalty Checklist – How To Maximise Your Royalty Collection

Don’t miss this year’s very interactive session The Royalty Checklist – How To Maximise Your Royalty Collection presented by SongtrustDowntown Music and FUGA. Mandy Aubry, Director of Business Development EMEA & APAC at Songtrust, Dean Francis, General Manager Neighbouring Rights, Downtown Music, and Sarah Johnston, Senior Operations Manager FUGA, will present the topic of royalties. You will be surprised by the role you’ll play in this session! Please find the full MW:M20 programme overview here.