MW:M 2024 Convention

The MW:M Convention

Most Wanted: Music aims to start building the music and creative industries of tomorrow, where collaboration is not merely about working together but creating new with modern goals and rallying around a new ethos.

MW:M’s key objectives are: enabling practical know-how transfer, fostering networking and exchange and inspiring new ideas and business models.

Offering a wide range of inspiring keynotes, interviews and debates, hands-on workshops and matchmaking events, MW:M covers the most current and relevant questions of today’s music, tech and creative industries in order to bring direct value to creators and music businesses.

In 2024 we say: Monetize!

Monetize artists’ work better

Which partnerships, funding, and business models work best for today’s nimble, multi-faceted artists and their collaborators? How should teams build structures and networks that wring every last cent of value from artists’ work? We talk to the people making money smarter.

Monetize technology fairly

Where does the power balance lie in the complex structure of major rightsholders, streaming platforms, and independent players – and why are many still losing out? Where do opaque spots remain in the system, and how are they (not) being fixed? We rattle the black box to find out.

Monetize sustainability and accessibility

Caring for the planet and making access to music fair is not the antithesis of making money –it’s the route to new forms of income. So which platforms, skills, and strategies make more money when you do more good? We’ll show how caring means earning.

We say: if the human is the most important part of the puzzle, those people must have the equity, agency, transparency and power that they deserve.


Enrich our Programme! Call for Participation

This call is for all music, tech and media professionals, entrepreneurs and students: if you are interested to share and discuss your experiences, knowledge, ideas, projects or business models under this year’s motto “Monetize!” – please get in touch. We are looking forward to proposals that fit into one of this year’s three strands:

· Monetize artists’ work better

· Monetize technology fairly

· Monetize sustainability and accessibility

Would you like to propose your own topic on stage?

The call for applications runs until 31st of July.