MW:M Accessibility

Information on accessibility

Most Wanted: Music is a space for everyone. We are dedicated to ensuring the most comfortable experience possible, before, during and after the event, both on-site and online. It is vital that all guests attending the conference feel safe, welcome and respected. All participants are responsible for contributing to this—discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. 

Here is some information to help plan your visit, if you have further questions please get in touch: 

Phone: to be announced 

  • Access to the Kulturbrauerei is barrier-free; on ground access for wheelchairs via Sredzkistraße & Knaackstr 
  • Subway stop “U Eberswalder Str./Pappelallee” has a lift
  • Tram stop Eberswalder Str. all lines are barrier-free
  • Guests with mobility and visual impairments may use the companion service of the VBB (information in German only use Google translate for other languages) 
  • The path between venues at Kulturbrauerei is unfortunately cobblestone.

The Kulturbrauerei has a car park with wheelchair-accessible parking spaces and a lift.

All venues at Kulturbrauerei as well as Kino Colloseum have barrier-free toilets. The only acception is Maschinenhaus. Info on Satelite locations TBA.

Guests with disabilities with a disabled person’s pass (Schwerbehindertenausweis mit Vermerk B) can bring an accompanying person free of charge. You do not need an extra ticket, just go to registration and you will receive your extra ticket. If you do not have a disabled person’s pass but feel you need an accompanying person, you may also bring them. 

You don’t have to wait in line, just pass the queue and go directly to the registration counter to receive your ticket.

Electric wheelchairs can be charged at Palais.

If you need a service dog you are welcome to bring it. There will be a bowl of water available at Palais.

There will be no stroboscope or light sensitive effects used at the Listen to Berlin Awards or the Conference. We cannot guarantee this for MW:M Live.

All toilets are all gender on the conference grounds. Information concerning Satelites, 8mm Bar and Kino Colosseum TBA.

All venues at Kulturbrauerei and Kino Colosseum are accessible for wheelchair users.

  • Kesselhaus: it is accessible via the main entrance
  • Maschinenhaus: is only accessible via another venue called Ramba Zamba. Please contact us so we can take care giving you access
  • Palais: all areas are accessible 
  • Frannz: It is accessible via the entrance from Schönhauser Allee 36 with an elevator. It is not accessible via the backyard within Kulturbrauerei
  • Satelites & 8mm Bar  TBA.

Most Wanted:Music is a festival.

It takes place at Kultur-Brauerei in Berlin.

Most Wanted:Music wants to welcome all kinds of people

Everyone should feel good at the festival

Nobody should feel left out.

We try to be as accessible as possible

For example:

Wheelchairs can travel to the festival with public transport.
You can go to all venues by wheelchair
You can bring your guide dog
People with disabilities can bring a assistant for free
You can ask questions.

You will get help.

You can send your questions to

We are always looking to learn and committed to finding ways to create more inclusive safer spaces. If you have suggestions, please let us know!

Location Map


Frannz Club: 
It is accessible via stairs at the entrance from Schönhauser Allee 36 followed further by an elevator. It is not accessible via the backyard within the Kulturbrauerei.

It allows access to an elevator via Ramba Zamba (contact us by e-mail or phone: 03086381004).