MOST WANTED: MUSIC 2022 – A New Deal for the music industry

Most Wanted: Music 2022 will take place 8-10 November – on-site at Berlin’s famous Kulturbrauerei and with selected highlights on MW:M’s digital conference platform

MW:M22 opens with the festivities of the Listen to Berlin: Awards on Tuesday 8th November followed by the two-day MW:M Convention starting Wednesday 9th. The MW:M Satellites partner
events take place on Thursday 10th all over Berlin with a fine-tuned programme of up- and-coming live acts in the evening of that same day. New to the crew will be a selection of music-related film screenings at the MW:M Cinema.

The music industry needs a New Deal – so we’re going to negotiate it, together. The world has changed quickly, and it’s contradictory: there are many exciting opportunities, but previously simple concepts are now complex. And the music industry is rebooting – and re-evaluating itself.

So a New Deal is needed: one that works for more people, better. One that is more inclusive, transparent and fair to those that make the art we love. One that uses new technologies to create a fairer system of sharing ownership, money, and power. One where creators collaborate simply, and the results of that work are used in more places. One that significantly reduces environmental impact.

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Andreea Gleeson

TuneCore | Chief Executive Officer

Dennis Lisk

Proof of Taste | CEO

Dr. Anna-Maija Mertens

Transparency International Deutschland e.V. | Executive Director
Ioulia Isserlis_Photo by @AnotherWorldVR_20220627

Ioulia Isserlis

AnotherWorld VR | CEO

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  • Joy Bogat & Joules the Fox _c_Martin_Dziuba
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Boiler Room/AFEM/Cashmere Radio/Native Instruments | DJ/Presenter/Curator/Host/Co-Chair of D&I Workstream/Product Experience Specialist

Prof. Dr. Bertolt Meyer

Chemnitz University of Technology | Professor for Work and Organizational Psychology
Juan Atkins

Juan Atkins

Metroplex Records | Originator
Michela Magas

Michela Magas

MTF Labs / Industry Commons Foundation | Director / Chair

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