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MW:M Dial-in

MW:M Dial-in – Branding in music

We’re presenting the third edition of our digital show MW:M DIAL-IN on Tuesday, October 27th: Claude Eden and Alexander Wodrich will give two compelling talks on different aspects of branding in music. Berlin-based designer Claude Eden will kick off the DIAL-IN sharing her thoughts on visual branding in music and creative processes. Alexander Wodrich (why do birds) will continue with a talk about audio branding and brand identity.


Claude Eden: Artwork and Design in Music

Berlin-based designer Claude Eden shares her thoughts on visual branding in music, and shares her creative processes – from inspiring record sleeves to shaping the image of labels and artists. Eden has worked for labels such as Downwards Records, Tresor Records, Kanzleramt Music, and many more since 1999, and has always tried to challenge the blanket uniformity of the visual style of electronic dance music. Her experience and insights will make for a fascinating discussion.


Alexander Wodrich: Audio Branding and Identity

Beyond creating their own music, musicians put more and more effort into their personal branding, logos, typefaces, photoshoots and artwork. Brands, on the other hand, invest time and budget on the creation of their own audio identity. They use music and sound design to convey their brand personality, to emotionally connect with their target market and to become more recognizable, even when the brand cannot be seen. Alexander Wodrich explains how brands go about this, with or without the help of popular artists. Tune in next Tuesday, October 27th at 5:30pm (CET) for both presentations, followed by Q&As! As always, attendance to our MW:M DIAL-IN is free, click here to sign-up. Attendees will receive a 50% discount on the MW:M online ticket. We look forward to seeing you in the audience.