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Pitch your music for real projects – submit a track or composition now!

Supervisor Sessions – Submit your Music Now!

Trying to get your music placed in TV, movies and adverts, but don’t know where to start? Our Supervisor Sessions – three in-depth, expertise-packed, and easy-to-understand sessions – offer insights, tactics, and ideas to give you the advantage when trying to land a sync deal. Oh, and best of all: You’ll get the unique chance to pitch your music for real projects – submit a track or composition now!

Four professional supervisors provided a brief for one of their recent projects, that they are searching music for. Starting from now you can submit a track or composition for one or all of the projects. Up to six tracks will be presented and reviewed live by the supervisors during the Supervisor Sessions at Most Wanted: Music.

Before you apply, please: 

  • Read the following briefs.

  • Consider the storytelling of the projects that music is searched for.

  • Watch the snippets the supervisors provided.

  • Have a look at their general references by examining their past projects.

  • Prepare your track by following this music submission guidelines in terms of format, metadata and naming of the file you are going to upload.

Deadline for submissions: Friday, November 10, 11:59pm

Pitch your music for real projects – submit a track or composition now!

Supervisor Sessions, November 15, 4:30pm – 6:30pm, Maschinenhaus

Led by our “masters of ceremony” Tanya Timofeeva and Andrew Campbell from Steam Music, here’s our board of Supervisors who are providing the briefs for the pitching session: Anita Grigore (Format Entertainment), Connie Farr (ThinkSync Music), Yvette Metoyer (Sounds In Color), Elina Möllenberg (White Horse Music).

More information about this session here.