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MW:M23 International Market Focus

Learn about International Market at MW:M23

Have you ever wanted to expand your music business into a new territory – but don’t know where to start? At MW:M23, we’ve built a programme of experts with their feet on the ground in some of the world’s most exciting territories – and they’ll give you all the local knowledge and insider tricks.

In these action-oriented sessions, we’ll go on a world tour, explaining all the things you need to know about the UK, Slovenia, Croatia, Hong Kong, Austria, Czech Republic, and Switzerland. These introductory sessions will give you a grounding in each country’s structure, culture, and their most important locations – all vital knowledge when entering a new market. You’ll hear from two experts from each place – including Andrea Faroppa Cabrera of Sónar+D, Coralie Doyen of Wallifornia, Evelyn Sieber of Reeperbahn Festival, Bettina Schöll of the Austrian Music Fund as well as Thomas Heher of the Austrian music festival and conference Waves Vienna, and Andraž Kajzer of Slovenian music conference MENT Ljubljana.

These sessions take place on 15th November on the stage at Maschinenhaus (Kulturbrauerei). So why not grab a MW:M23 ticket now and learn from the people who have all the local expertise you need?