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Universal presents new Web3 project at MW:M23

Universal presents new Web3 project at MW:M23

Recently, Universal Music entered the metaverse with its new project YOUniverse Berlin: a virtual space for real fan experiences – spanning from release concerts to meet and greets, and to exclusive merch drops. At MW:M23, Universal will present this project – and talk about the possibilities that the metaverse and Web3 open up for the music industry, its players and artists.

At MW:M23, Universal Music will not only provide insights into the various features, functions and possibilities of YOUniverse, but also shed light onto the difficulties the label faced during the development process. Also present at this session are three of the start-ups involved in the implementation of YOUniverse: come and say hi to Rave Space from Germany, Ready Player Me from Estonia, and twelve x twelve from Germany.

“YOUniverse Berlin – a virtual, interactive platform for superfan engagement campaigns” will take place on 15 November in Palais. Get your MW:M23 ticket now and take a deep dive into the metaverse with us!

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