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Over the past few years, Most Wanted: Music welcomed many inspiring guests and speakers from around the world. Together, we’re reviewing, rethinking and reshaping the music industry. In our different session formats, educational and networking methods and new forms of collaboration we never only focus on discussions. At MW:M, we apply what we have learned directly. We always offer our guests the opportunity to be proactive themselves. MW:M wants you to interact with other participants and experts at eye level in various formats.



On our brand new MW:M YouTube channel you can now dive into the most exciting conversations of last year’s MW:M. Meet Mark d’Inverno, Professor of Computer Science at Goldsmiths, University of London, who argued about the Artificial Intelligence’s role in the future of music creativity, or Lina Burghausen and Lana Wittig, who made an overview of the variety of diversity changes that the industry is seeking, and showed what can be done through organization and togetherness.

Also, watch Scott Cohen’s keenly-anticipated talk about the real value of music and find out how Holley M. Kholi-Murchison’s modern vision of a sustainable, aware, equal society looks like.



With the knowledge from last year, you will be well-prepared for MW:M20. This year, the conference takes place virtually as a three-day hybrid music conference from November 3 to 5. We will broadcast most of our sessions live on YouTube, all packed with insight and foresight. Subscribe now and make sure you don’t miss anything!

All public livestreams will be available on YouTube, including the main conference, and our music showcase event MW:M Live.

You want more than just watching the conference? The MW:M Online Ticket offers incredible value for money – with access to our carefully-curated thought-leader speakers, workshops, and networking opportunities. BMC members, students, trainees, artists and freelancers only pay 50%!