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Learn more about the listen to berlin: Awards host Achan Malonda at “From Artist To Artist podcast”

Stefany Martens’ podcast From Artist to Artist offers raw insights into the music industry through a series of candid chats. In this episode, Berlin based MALONDA discusses her transition from musical theatre to songwriter, and how she uses her art as a vehicle for social change. A singer, songwriter and activist, MALONDA began her career in musical theatre playing the role of Sarabi in The Lion King musical. Her artistic expression comes from her activism for the black and POC communities, as well as queer feminism. MALONDA hosted the 5th edition of the listen to berlin: Awards alongside Christoph Schrag, (Fritz Unsigned) where the Berlin Music Commission (BMC) honoured innovative ideas and artists in the industry. MALONDA says that the global crisis has “highlighted where the problems of social injustice really lie” and that this has given the music industry an opportunity to change. As a black artist living in Germany, she has many wishes for the industry, and believes that “corporations can create diversity”.


Learn more in this new podcast episode with Achan Malonda:


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