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Most Wanted: Music 2020, Corona FAQ

Corona FAQ: Everything you need to know about our safety precautions at MW:M20

Keeping everyone safe at Most Wanted: Music 2020

Organising Most Music: Wanted 2020 amidst the Covid-19 pandemic has not been without its challenges, but rest assured that the health of everyone taking part is our highest priority. We’re pulling out all the stops to make sure that the event adheres to all distance and hygiene regulations. Each area of the main conference and all associated venues will have individually-tailored safety plans and special hygiene procedures for our staff on-event and our on-site speakers. 

We will ensure the safety of our speakers and team in a number of ways. Of course, masks will be compulsory at all events, and each event space will allow for social distancing.


G2K and CAS

We are delighted to have G2K and CAS on board for MW:M20, and we are confident that they can help us make the conference as safe as possible. 

The technology provided by G2K enabled 20,000 fans to attend the UEFA Supercup match between FC Bayern Munich and FC Sevilla in Budapest back in September 2020 and we are certain that their technology will keep us safe at MW:W20. 


Live Fever Scanning

Using infrared cameras, G2K’s AI-based software can detect signs of infection and interrupt infection chains at an early stage. These measurements are contactless and work in real-time, factoring in sunlight, scarves, hats, and other elements that might lead to an elevated temperature. 

What do our speakers and staff have to do? Nothing – the cameras run alongside the entrance and automatically live fever scan, so you won’t even notice. 

Of course, no data is stored, and the measurement is taken according to the rules of the GDPR. G2K will not be reporting anyone who is found to be violating Covid-19 restrictions but is there solely to protect our speakers and employees. No one with an elevated temperature will be admitted to MW:W20. 


Cleaning Measures with CAS

CAS is an innovative technology company. At the moment, they have solutions for pandemic and crisis management, offering safe and proven products for the disinfection of large areas.

At MW:W20, we will use their 3D ultrasonic cold fogging. This dermatologically-tested chemical process uses ultrasonic membranes to generate cold mist. Room air and surfaces are cleaned of harmful germs over a wide area within a very short time. The mist also reaches areas that are usually difficult to access (ceilings, handrails, seats, etc.) This technology eliminates more than 99% of all viruses and bacteria with the help of biocides, which are less harmful to the environment than conventional disinfection products (e.g. hydrogen peroxide) but are much more effective and longer-lasting. 

The protection of our speakers and employees is paramount at MW:M, and we are dedicated to using the most effective ways of ensuring the safety of everyone.

Regarding the safety precautions of the conference, project director Stephan Hengst says:

“During the livestream production of Most Wanted: Music 2020, we are taking all necessary measures to prevent infection in order to ensure the greatest possible safety for everyone on-site at Alte Münze Berlin. This includes strict compliance with all applicable safety and hygiene regulations, including social distancing, compulsory use of masks throughout the building, and the registration of personal data at the entrance to the event.”


What can we expect from the new virtual conference format?

Since Most Wanted: Music 2020 is taking place virtually, you – our participants – will not have to worry about those procedures. You can make yourself comfortable at home or from your desk and enjoy the conference via our conference platform or manifold live streams. This means you won’t miss out. Our virtual tickets for this year’s conference enable you to play an active role with plenty of opportunities to participate –  interactive networking, one-to-one matchmaking, virtual partner and business meetings, direct questions to speakers – and of course, you can enjoy the conference from anywhere in the world!

Many talks and sessions will be broadcast on the MW:M YouTube channel. There will also be a high degree of interactivity between attendees and partners, and numerous opportunities to get in touch with our high-profile speakers and experts. Make sure you grab your virtual ticket here!

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