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The MW:M21 programme is online!

The MW:M21 conference programme is split into three focus areas: Impact, covering the most consequential ideas; Experience, exploring the new ways music affects us; and Transform, empowering real change in the music business. Check out our line-up of thought leaders, tech innovators, and social changemakers:


💥 MW:M21 Programme 💥


These are some of the key speakers and sessions being announced:


IMPACT: Palestine techno, new money, indie artists in control, and AI analysis

Three internationally renowned musicians will speak exclusively at MW:M. The conference will share the experiences of DJ Samà Abdulhadi, who has taken Palestine’s thrilling underground party scene to the world; one of techno’s originators, Juan Atkins, will talk about techno and its place in the creative universe to Boiler Room COO Terry Weerasinghe; and Keyon Christ, the Grammy-nominated producer for artists like Kanye West and Rihanna who created the first AI-driven rap song and sold it as an NFT, will talk to AI pioneers Dadabots, and the hybrid transdisciplinary artist PortraitXO

Access to finance in the music industry is vital – and undergoing a transformation. Respected independent music veteran Alison Wenham explains to Music Ally’s Stuart Dredge how recent changes mean new, exciting opportunities for artists, labels, and publishers.

And money is being made differently too: indie artists and businesses are tapping into new audiences and uncovering new income streams – whilst staying in control. SoundCloud’s David Turner, Patreon General Manager Europe and VUT board member Ronny Krieger, and co-founder and COO Carolin Wend discuss how empowerment comes via avoiding outdated business conventions.

Music recommendation algorithms are vital in today’s industry, steering millions of listeners to playlists and songs. AI is being used to understand the emotional power of audio logos – so how can this technology be used for music recommendation? Music branding experts Agnes Chung, Daniel Müllensiefen, Steve Keller, and Alexander Wodrich dig into the data.


EXPERIENCE: Sound sculpture, Atmos 3D sound, and music collaboration with AI

Taiwanese media artist Yen Tzu Chang combines art and technology in her performances and at MW:M she will explain the development of the Taiwanese sound art which influenced her playful practice.

Since Apple Music, Tidal and Amazon Music announced support for Dolby Atmos, millions of listeners have experienced how this new format creates an immersive soundscape and felt music in a whole new way. Dolby’s Daniela Bischof, mobilee records label owner Ralf Kollmann, TIDAL’s ​​Senior Music Editor and Label Relations Manager Bettina Engelmann, and immersive audio expert Eric Horstmann show what Atmos feels like.

Music production is fundamentally changing thanks to tech like AI, where the creative process is shared between humans and non-humans. So what effect does this postdigitality have on the concept of the song itself? In their on-site Barcamp, musicologist Matthias Haenisch and songwriters Jovanka von Wilsdorf, Miss Kenichi and Hannah Valentin help participating artist attendees find out. Songwriters can apply here to take part (spaces are limited!).


TRANSFORM: Amplifying BIPoC voices, initiating climate-positive steps, and music’s #MeToo movement

The voices of People of Colour have long been ignored in the music industry, and the panel of innovators, artists, academics, and musicians – including ​​Erkan Affan, Christine Kakaire, Camille Barton, Femi Oyewole, and Mor Elian – discuss the platforms and innovators promoting BIPoC participants in Berlin’s music industry.

Stop talking, start doing: that’s the call to action around climate sustainability in the music industry from our panel of activists, who will help attendees do the hardest part – and start making a change. Sybil Franke, Mauricio Lizarazo, Björn Döring, Nicole Wuttke, Dr. Birte Jung join moderator Mia Heresch to explain what has already been done, how measures can be implemented quickly in your business, and the small steps we can all take immediately.

We’ll take a deep dive into the music industry #MeToo movement, and discuss the structural sexual harassment and gender bias that still exists. DJ and community activist Kikelomo, artist and Pornceptual founder Chris Phillips, and Reprise Talent Agency founder Pierre Sainz will also talk about the steps being taken to protect the community. 


Hybrid Music Lab

The Hybrid Music Lab is for topics that need more hands-on time than your average conference can provide, and where industry-leading experts help attendees take learnings back into their daily work. 

The Lab digs into the cutting-edge of the cutting-edge – like in the Record label as a DAO online workshop, which takes place on October 28th. Pioneering Ethereum technologists Matteo Tambussi and Rob Stupay will guide participants through the key music blockchain tools, including DAOs and NFTs, which have exploded in popularity in 2021. 

We are collecting registrations for this online workshop – and there are limited spaces available. Apply here!  


MW:M Live showcase event, MW:M Satellite events, and the listen to berlin: Awards

MW:M21 opens with the now-traditional festivities of the listen to berlin: Awards on Tuesday, Oct. 26th; and the showcase event MW:M Live returns, along with the MW:M Satellites partner events, which are scattered all over Berlin – both take place on Thursday, Oct. 28th. On 27th October there will be a virtual after party.



Online tickets priced at €30, as well as a limited number of on-site tickets are on sale now for €60. Ticket prices increase on Oct. 16th to €40 (online) and €80 (on-site). Discounted student and BMC-member tickets are just €15 (online) and €40 (on-site).

On-site attendance will follow the “3G” rule (where all attendees must be vaccinated, recovered, or tested).

As always, members of the Berlin Music Commission will pay a reduced price. Not a member yet? Join now!


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