MW:M Live


2019, Most Wanted: Music debuted its own showcase event, MW:M LiveTwenty hand-picked artists from Berlin, Germany and Europe get up-close and personal with an exclusive group of 250 invited industry guests, performing for them in the studios of the brand new House of Music at Berlin’s famous RAW-Gelände. Taking place on Thu, 6th Nov, each of MW:M Live’s six stages offer an exclusive opportunity for exciting new talents to be discovered by an audience of booking agents, managers, A&Rs, event organizers, media, sync and music supervisors. 

MW:M Live’s strong line-up is curated by a cross-section of Europe’s most forward-looking music industry organizations. 2019, this included the Berlin Music Commission (BMC) with its listen to berlin 2019/20 compilation album; the Live Music Accelerator Berlin, a newly launched initiative from booking platform gigmit; and the British And Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM). The showcase also draws on strong regional expertise, including SoundCzech (the Czech music export office), music:LX (Music Luxembourg), PopKW (the National Association for Popular Music and Creative Industries, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), BY-on (a project of VPBy – the Association for Pop Culture in Bayern), and Kreatives Sachsen (Creative Saxony).

Impressions of the MW:M Live Kickoff 2019


© Joris Felix

MW:M Live 2019 was organized by the Berlin Music Commission – the Berlin music industry’s main network and was supported by the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Enterprises and by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.