Where You Shape The Future of Creativity – that was MOST WANTED: MUSIC 2018!

We look back at three fantastic days full of exciting talks, workshops, networking sessions and music performances – great memories and a lot of inspiration! 

With more than 80 individual events and 140 national and international speakers, MOST WANTED: MUSIC offered an enormously wide and elaborately curated program. In talks, panels and workshops, experts immersed themselves in in-depth workgroups on the latest trends, technologies and international music startups. Thanks to 1.500 registrants in those three days and more than double as many conference attendees as last year!

Here are the highlights of MOST WANTED: MUSIC 2018. 


Most Wanted: Music #convention, Berlin Music Commission, pictures by Dan Taylor. All pictures are protected by copyright and can’t be used without prior consent from Berlin Music Commission. Please write to contact@mwm-berlin.de for press or media inquiries.


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