Hybrid Music Lab

Hybrid Music: Lab – the cutting-edge of the cutting-edge

The Hybrid Music: Lab is the place to try out and dig into the coolest cutting edge technology at MOST WANTED: MUSIC. The Lab is for topics that need more hands-on time than your average conference can provide. Industry-leading experts will lead in-depth workgroups, talks, panels and round-table discussions on the latest trends, technologies and international music startups.

Hybrid Music: Lab aims to achieve actionable results for attendees to take into their daily music industry work and which will be presented to a wider audience at the MW:M convention. It’s the cutting-edge of the cutting-edge – so come along and you can say you were there first!

Highlights this year include:

  • An exclusive white paper presentation by Music Ally on Immersive and Smart Audio Marketing, complete with an industry expert panel;
  • Alex Jacobi of the With Love & Data Podcast, who leads a session on how AI can define music in emotional terms and how this “emotional fingerprint” can revolutionise music marketing, synchronisation, and advertising;
  • An in-depth exploration of Music & VR by Muki Kulhan and Tim Rittmann in collaboration with Robot Koch;
  • The INVR Immersive Media Exhibition – a special collaboration with VR creative community INVR, which will let attendees experience a selection of staggering audio-visual performances designed especially for VR, including Sphere, a brand new collaboration between award winning musician Robot Koch and visual artist Mickael Le Goff.

Hybrid Music Lab is a project of Berlin Music Commission with friendly support of Senatsverwaltung für Wirtschaft, Energie und Betriebe.