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MOST WANTED: MUSIC 2019 – The bullshit-free, get-it-done, connectivity conference for creatives and music business professionals

  • MW:M19 takes place in Berlin, the European capital of music technology, on November 6-7 in the beautiful and historic Alte Münze (info + tickets here)
  • Connect with experts operating on the cutting-edge, including: the visionary Holley M. Kholi-Murchison, linking you with your life ambition; Scott Cohen, Chief Innovation Officer of Recorded Music at Warner Music Group; and Burkhard Leimbrock, European Commercial Director of Twitch, the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers.
  • Mingle with the world’s leading thinkers and do-ers in MW:M19’s key focus areas:
    • The value of music in 2019: music’s financial and sociocultural worth
    • Music experiences: new technologies and live music experiences
    • New music markets: From Africa to India, from streaming to AI-written music
    • Social impact: How does music fit in a sustainable, aware, equal society?
  • Watch: Most Wanted: Music 2018 recap video
  • Tickets at the Early Bird rate are available until 30 June:

MW:M 2019: the money’s back in the music biz -but we need more from our work life!

Berlin’s rebel spirit shapes everything at MOST WANTED: MUSIC – experimental, thoughtful, kinder, and more inclusive, with a need to shake the status quo. So, MW:M19 addresses the conflict at the heart of today’s industry: now that the music business money machine is firmly switched back on, many creatives are still unsure how to access the cash – or if money alone is enough to satisfy them. MW:M19 grapples with the issues that modern creative professionalsface: the true value of music, the race for new music experiences in different parts of the globe, and figuring out how music fits in with life – and vice-versa. We’re delighted to announce our first wave of speakers, all of international repute -and all operating at the cutting edge. We hope you will join them at MOST WANTED: MUSIC -the modern, better, weirder music convention for people who know that Berlin does it differently.

Scott Cohen-Chief Innovation Officer, Recorded Music at Warner Music Group

What is the value of music in 2019? The music industry is making more money than it has for over a decade – but has our concept of “value” changed in that time? We couldn’t think of anyone better to explore this thorny issue than Scott Cohen. An outspoken proponent of AR, VR, Blockchain and AI, and board member of several cutting-edge companies, Scott works closely with WMG’s senior management team, helping guide the company on music, technology, and culture. Scott’s world-class pedigree extends far and wide: co-founder of revolutionary distribution service The Orchard (now part of Sony Music), he sat on the British Phonographic Industry Council, and he’s exploring biological and digital intelligence as co-founder of CyborgNest. There’s few people better than Scott to uncover the true meaning of music’s value in 2019’s multi-faceted marketplace – and he’s found the right place to do it at MW:M19.

Burkhard Leimbrock-European Commercial Director of Twitch

The world constantly shifts beneath the music industry’s feet: whether it be emerging technology, the opening of new global marketplaces, or mass adoption of new ways of creating, consuming and sharing music. It’s a happy cycle of creativity: new technologycreates new experiences, which in turn create new music. But it’s also easy to be overwhelmed by it: voice-activated smart speakers, fan-to-artist direct connectivity, immersive live experiences, and storytelling around the artist and the music are all important in 2019 – so where to start? Burkhard Leimbrock is European Commercial Director of the staggeringly successful and zeitgeist-grabbing live streaming service Twitch, and is ideally placed to grasp all the threads of the fast movingmusic industry and explain where it will go next.Burkhardis another MW:M speaker with hard-earned experience, leading change at big-name companies. Before Twitch, he headed digital agency ReachLocal in Germany and Austria, and led marketing and sales teams at Google, Vodafone, DoubleClick, and Axel Springer, amongst others.

Holley M. Kholi-Murchuson -human development coach and founder, Oratory Glory

How does music fit in a sustainable, aware, equal society? The social impact of music and the industry are a central theme of MW:M19. And Holley M. Kholi-Murchison will share her very modern vision: encouraging sociocultural change by helping people understand their life story. While most of us know what we’re good at, many struggles to understand what we care about most, and whether we can connect our skills with those ambitions. What is your real focus about in the rapidly changing music business world? Holley’s communications and human development agency, Oratory Glory, trains people to clearly articulate their personal stories, and change the world around them. With a focus on sustainability, gender and diversity, Holley shapes modern leadership via storytelling and creativity – ideal for the music business where work and play combine freely. We’re thrilled that Holley will be not only delivering one of her famously inspiring talks, but also a very special workshop where she’ll help participants of all levels – new starters to C-level executives – learn the thoughtful and practical decision-making skills which zero-in on their key ideas, and then help plot an exciting path by turning them into real action!


MW:M tickets are available via Ticketmaster’s Universe. Members of the Berlin Music Commission pay a reduced price. Not a member yet? Join now!

About MW:M

Around 1,500 trade visitorsfrom the creative industries, including decision-makers, creative professionals, founders and pioneers, will meet in Berlin on 6 and 7 November to exchange views on the future of music and new technologies at MOST WANTED: MUSIC. In 2018, around 80 keynotes, interviews and panel discussions as well as practice-oriented workshops and matchmaking events with 140 international and national speakers and an extensive performance programawaited the participants. In 2019 MW:M will take place for the sixth time -for the second year in a row inBerlin’s creative hotspot Alte Münze Berlin. MOST WANTED: MUSIC is being carried out on behalf of the Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Enterprises as part of the Berlin state initiative “Projekt Zukunft” and funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Download press release as PDF     Icon Press Kit     Icon Press contact and accreditation: Anna Jakisch Head of Communications Tel.: + 49 30 2790 7813 #MWM19