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Most Wanted: Music 2019 announces the program and a line-up of speakers

Most Wanted: Music 2019 announces a line-up of speakers on the pivotal topics for tomorrow’s music business – with a special focus on sustainability and technology

  • MW:M19 takes place in Berlin, the capital of European music technology, on November 6-7 in the historic Alte Münze. (Info + tickets here)
  • Don’t just listen: connect with the experts. Meet and talk with Global General Counsel & Chief Human Resources Officer at BMG, Scott Cohen; noted author Holley M. Kholi-Murchison; and Head of DACH Partnerships & Content of live streaming platform Twitch, Jannik Hülshoff, Founder & CEO at Endless App, Tim Exile; SVP Product at Patreon, Wyatt Jenkins; Director of Global Business Development & Client Relations at Songtrust, Mandy Aubry; Senior Researcher at German Research Center for AI (DFKI), Stephan Baumann; Director of re:publica – one of the world’s largest conferences on digital culture and the Internet, Jeannine Koch; Professor of Computer Science and Pro-Warden International, Goldsmiths, University of London, Mark d’Inverno, DJ, Boiler Room Artist Kikelomo Oludemi (No Shades, Native Instruments).
  • MW:M19’s focus areas draw your map for operating in the music business of 2020:
    • The value of music in 2019: music’s financial and sociocultural worth
    • New music experiences: new technologies and live music experiences
    • New music markets: from Africa to India, from streaming to AI-written music
    • Social impact: how does music fit in a sustainable, aware, equal society?

MW:M 2019: Program now live, packed with cutting-edge speakers

MW:M is proud to announce its 2019 speaker program: a line-up filled with fresh ideas from experts pushing for a better future. Attendees will connect with a diverse international mix of leaders from the fields that really matter: music tech pioneers, label heads, leading politicians, media chiefs, influential founders, net activists, scientists, and ecological agitators. The convention has a big question at its heart: how do we want to better shape the music business and creativity of tomorrow? MW:M19’s sessions will help build your next steps, whatever your niche: What is the value of music in a freemium digital world? How will AR change live entertainment? Which tools let artists interact with fans anywhere, anyhow? As befits a convention where 45% of speakers are women, there is a special focus on diversity and sustainability. And MW:M19 will answer the toughest questions, including: How do we expedite gender equality and wider diversity? How does the complex music business start to rethink its CO₂ emissions? How does thoughtful collaboration with growth regions like Africa happen? MW:M19’s full line-up of speakers and innovative programming is available here:

Conference Highlights: balancing value with thoughtful change

MW:M19 isn’t just another round of panel blah-blah: an innovative structure of talks, Q&A sessions, workshops and discussion groups has been created to maximize information transfer and to make actual progress happen at the conference itself. And the speakers address the most essential problems of the day: The value of music today: the music industry must now balance financial success with sociocultural worth. MW:M19’s speakers explain how – by using emerging technology and innovative social models. Scott Cohen, Chief Innovation Officer at WMG, will explain how to use AR, VR, Blockchain and AI to increase music’s value, while Wyatt Jenkins of Patreon explores a new approach to how we value music itself, and how that is monetised. Sustainability and value are not oxymorons, and Teresa Moore, Director of A Greener Festival, shows how events and venues can become more sustainable, and how this increases their worth. New music experiences: virtual life and the real world are rapidly meshing. So what will fans demand in 2020? Jannik Hülshoff, Head of DACH Partnerships & Content at Twitch shows how streaming users are now all creators, and how that works for music with the new Twitch Sings platform. And augmented live entertainment is addressed, demonstrating how tech will enrich live events with hyper-audience involvement. Immerse yourself in… immersion: music fans want more than a passive experience, and at MWM:19 you can try tomorrow’s live performance today. Watch Ralf Schmid’s stunning PYANOOK performance as he delivers a solo performance on two grand pianos with mimu gloves, influencing the experience via hand gestures. Interact with Amsterdam jazz band Tin Men and the Telephone, whose performance, sound and concept are controlled by the audience via smartphones; and noted computer scientist and pianist Mark d’Inverno explains how we should program creative AIs via a unique performance-lecture. The new music markets: The conference also looks at developing international markets, including the thrilling music flowing from Africa: Aziz Sarr, DJ Mista Wallizz of Freak de l´Afrique, Pamela Owusu Beyahn, AKA DJ Pam Bam and the band Fokn Bois speak to Tito Valery, about how Africa is leading the way, and how the rest of the world can connect. The social impact of music: how can music be used for social good? Noted author Holly M. Kholi-Murchison delivers an innovative workshop in which she explains how to change society through conscious change and self-storytelling. MW:M will also focus on the organisations making a difference, including TAKE A STAND with speaker Jan Holger Schmidt, which drives kind societal change through music. The wildly successful Keychange PRS Foundation, of which MW:M is a member, is pushing for gender equality in the music business. MW:M has an enviable line-up of female speakers, including Prof. Dr. Donna Hope, Professor of Culture, Gender and Society at the University of the West Indies in Mona, Jamaica, Lana Wittig, Head of Corporate Partnerships at EDITION F, Lina Burghausen, founder of the PR platform Mona Lina, Yvonne Meyer, developer of the diversity roadmap for Swiss clubs and festivals – and many more.

Sustainability – at the heart of MW:M19

MW:M19 is focussing strongly on sustainability, both as an organisation, as well as in the conference programming – even the listen to berlin: Awards has a new sustainability prize. 2019 sees a young generation committed to shaping a positive future for the world. Sustainability can be brought much closer to the heart of the music industry, and thus will play a central role at MW:M19. Expert knowledge from all over Europe will be actively shared in workshops and meetings, forging close networks to promote measurable action and initiate commitment to progress. Complex issues will be addressed, with the Parisien Alliance des Managers d’Artistes (AMA) taking a data-driven look at the vast CO₂ emissions created by music streaming, as well as discussing ecological and socially sustainable approaches to the music business – in tour management, green event organisation, sustainable music production, ecological networks, and much more.   Press contact and accreditation Anna Jakisch Tel.: + 49 30 2790 7813 presse (at)   Download (PDF)   #MWM19   Photo: Ralf Schmid