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Invest in Creativity –Berlin’s new laboratory for creative entrepreneurship and investors

Between October and November 2018 | Apply now until 5 September 2018! You are looking for smart money and you are ready to pitch to private investors? However, you do not know how to approach equity financiers or how investors think? You are wondering what they expect from creatives? How you can convince them to come on board? The Investors Lab Berlin will demystify the image that we commonly have of investors and will explain which types of financiers work best for your creative business. The Investors Lab Berlin is an English-language programme. The lab will run for four days between October and November 2018 and prepares you to present your company to a panel of international investors. First you will learn to professionally present your business proposal. Then you will pitch your company to a panel of potential equity investors in November 2018 at Most Wanted: Music in Berlin. Apply today!
  • You are a creative professional in Berlin with an attractive project?
  • Is your project / your technology state of the art?
  • You would like to create a start-up or already founded a company in the creative industries?
  • You know a thing or two about applying for subsidies but not much about acquiring private capital?
  • You are curious about learning how to collaborate with investors?
Discover why creatives and investors have more in common than you might think! Register here until 5 September 2018 and access new financing options. Participation is free! However, participants pay a deposit of 200 €, which will be refunded after successful participation in the programme. Further information can be found in our terms of participation. ————— In 2018 ist Invest in Creativity – Investors Lab Berlin Teil der Veranstaltungsreihe “Darf’s ein bisschen mehr sein?” Die Reihe besteht aus drei Elementen:
  • Austausch- und Vernetzungsformat Busy Busy Creative Business
  • Workshopformat Creative Business Creation
  • und dem Invest in Creativity – Investors Lab Berlin 2018
Mit diesem Format entsteht ein Angebot, das speziell zugeschnittene Methoden und Tools, Tipps und Erfahrungswerte an Kultur- und Kreativunternehmende in Berlin vermittelt, die ein Geschäftsmodell entwickeln oder weiterentwickeln möchten, die sich fragen: Wie kann ich ein bisschen mehr verdienen? Wie kann ich aus einer Idee ein Business machen? Wie professionalisiere ich mich im kreativen Bereich? Invest in Creativity – Investors Lab Berlin ist eine Veranstaltungsreihe für Akteure und Akteurinnen der Kreativwirtschaft, die in 2017 erstmals in Kooperation zwischen Kreativwirtschaftsberatung Berlin und Creative Europe Desk Berlin-Brandenburg stattgefunden hat.
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