Taking place all over Berlin, MW:M Satellites are where friendships and work partnerships are formed and Berlin´s music community is coming together. 

MW:M Satellite events allow the wider community to take over the conference and transform the city into a one-day hotspot of music, creativity and technology. Visit some of Berlin’s most unique, creative and historic spaces, learn and network at inspiring workshops and meetups and join memorable exhibitions and live-performances.

Host a MW:M Satellite Event

You can host your own MW:M Satellite event, and welcome the innovative minds in MW:M’s attendees and speakers. 

Whether you want to promote your business or a cause, run a networking session, show a movie, organize a concert, a party, or have any other cool idea, we’d love to hear from you!

Please note, the entry cost as a Satellite event is 500,00€. 

(The entry fee can be reduced or waived under special circumstances, e.g. if you’re a public or educational institution. – Get in touch.)

Why host a MW:M Satellite Event?

  • Become a part of the MW:M community. 
  • Educate, connect and inspire.
  • Communicate & market your event / business / idea through our media channels. 
  • Use the MW:M Satellites platform to reach the MW:M community.
  • Showcase your brand, talents or educational offering and promote it across a diverse and engaged B2B and B2C audience –  local as well as  international.

Even more benefits:

  • 2 complimentary conference tickets 
  • Integration in conference programme as official MW:M Satellite event incl. listing on MW:M website and app plus possibility to be highlighted in our newsletter, press releases and social media channels. (The earlier we can confirm your MW:M Satellite, the more chances we can highlight your event in our communication.) 
  • Authorization to use MW:M name and logo to brand and market your event.

IRL, hybrid or virtual-only — You decide the form of your MW:M Satellite

Your MW:M Satellite can be an IRL, hybrid or virtual-only event. Feel free to submit your ideas and we can discuss how to integrate your hybrid or virtual event into our main livestream.

The MW:M Satellites will take place on Thu 28th October, 2021.

The deadline for registering your Satellite Event is September 1st, 2021.

If you are interested in an extended partnership with Most Wanted: Music, such as an online or on-site brand activation or a branded contribution to our main conference programme, please get in touch at


What are MW:M Satellites?

MW:M Satellites are where the cutting edge is. Scattered all over Berlin, they’re the nitty-gritty of the conference – where friendships, collaborations and work partnerships are formed around things like decentralized workshops, office hours sessions, performances, exhibitions, and receptions.
On Thursday 28th October, the city will be transformed into a one-day hotspot of music, creativity and technology, with events in some of Berlin’s most unique, creative and historic spaces. They’re where you can meet your people, at the type of event your people love: perfect for incubating new ideas and initiating progress.
MW:M works with the best visionaries, businesses, and creatives from across the music and creative scene to put together an unparalleled selection of events – and we believe that 2021 will be the best group of Satellites yet.

Who can host a MW:M Satellite?

If you’d like to bring the open minds and innovative thinkers at MW:M together, you can host your own satellite event. They’re a great way to bring together potential collaborators who’ll help you take on the world (you can thank us later!).
And MW:M Satellites are especially effective this year: during a time where big groups are kept apart, they’re a great opportunity to meet and network in decentralized, small groups in a boutique, personal atmosphere. And because MW:M21 is a hybrid event, your MW:M Satellite can be an IRL, hybrid or virtual-only event. (Of course, any in-person events must still comply with all applicable physical distancing, hygiene, and safety rules.)
So if you have an innovative business, cool workshop idea, or want to run a collaborative session, we’d love to hear from you – get in touch now!

What are the benefits that come with hosting a Satellite Event?

The MW:M community is eager to learn, innovate and collaborate, and the MW:M Satellites program enables you to educate, connect with, and inspire them – all supported by MW:M’s professional network and marketing.

Showcase your brand, talents or educational offering and promote it across a diverse and engaged international audience. Show everyone that you’re the expert in your field, and solidify your standing as thought-leader. Make your Satellite the must-attend event, and get everyone you need in one place: the up-and-comers, the hardened pros, and the cross-industry specialists.

Don’t forget: the earlier we can confirm your event, the more opportunities we have to highlight your event in our communication. Here’s every advantage that comes with hosting a Satellite:

Networking and Marketing

  • Engage with the MW:M community – a diverse and relevant, forward-thinking audience, both online and IRL. MW:M attracts creative and music-savvy crowds from Berlin and across the world.
  • Communicate, promote and engage through our media channels, and gain increased exposure for your event – and your business.

Thought Leadership

  • Position yourself as a thought-leader in your community.
  • You know your product and business better than everyone else. So show, don’t tell: setting the topic of discussion, and sharing your unique knowledge in the format that works best.
  • Tap into MW:M’s curious, hungry and relevant audience for feedback, collaboration and opportunities as you share your industry insights.

Brand Exposure

  • Showcase your product and brand to potential customers!
  • Your MW:M Satellite puts your company or talent in front of a lucrative demographic at their most engaged.
  • Whether B2B or B2C – you can use MW:M’s reach, influence and buzz to expand your brand exposure to the most relevant people, in the most relevant way.

What else is included?

The entry cost for accessing all the MWM Satellite is only 500,00€, and, as well as covering all administrative fees, includes these high-value benefits:

  • Two complimentary MW:M conference tickets.
  • Integration in the MW:M conference program as official MW:M Satellite event, including listing on the MW:M website and app.
  • Highlighting of event in our newsletter, press releases and social media channels.
  • Authorization to use MW:M name and logo to brand and market your event.

Sounds good, right? We’re very much looking forward to your application and working with you to make your Satellite the best it can be!

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