Most Wanted: Music 2022 – Call for Participation


We invite musicians, stage performers and DJs, music tech professionals, music business pros and starters, researchers, scientists and experimenters, multimedia artists, developers and music aficionados, sound designers, audio branders and growth hackers – and of course all other wicked weirdos – who strive for A NEW DEAL in the music ecosystem.

We want to pick your brain, ask you anything about your discoveries and be inspired by your craziness to make Most Wanted: Music the platform for shaping the music and music business of tomorrow.

Because this year’s motto is A NEW DEAL!

The music industry needs a New Deal. At Most Wanted: Music 2022, we’re going to negotiate it, together.

The world has changed quickly, and it’s now increasingly contradictory: there are more exciting opportunities than ever before. Previously simple concepts are now complex. And the music industry is rebooting – and re-evaluating itself while it does it.

So a New Deal is needed: one that works for more people, better. One that is more inclusive, transparent and fair to those that make the art we love. One that uses new technologies to create a fairer system of sharing ownership, money, and power. One where creators collaborate simply, and the results of that work are used in more places. One that significantly reduces environmental impact.

So what’s the deal? At MW:M 22, over 3000 music business attendees from Berlin and beyond will gather to initiate change – through talks, networking sessions, interactive demonstrations, and hands-on workshops.

Together, we’ll negotiate the better future we all want – and the New Deal we all need.

This year, we would like you to contribute topics, ideas, debates and answers to the following areas:

Lead Topic: A NEW DEAL

MaintracksMusic PublishingCreator EconomyTalents for Music
createScore The MetaverseMultiversal Up-SkillingRe-branding “Music Biz”
debateBuy or Build?Transparency and trustTarget: Gen Z
actWeb3 x CopyrightMusic MañanaIntersectional Identity

MW:M22 provides a platform…

… to CREATE new ways of licensing, production, communication and collaboration processes 

What new skills, tools and techniques will help us produce and collaborate more innovatively, efficiently or sustainably and create innovative music experiences and work environments?

… to DEBATE new business models, trends and cooperation in the music ecosystem

Which concepts, projects and ideas help us to build a more just and transparent music ecosystem? How can we ensure a balance of power in the music, media and technology industries?

… to ACT for more transparency and fairness towards artists, co-workers and partners

What exactly can we do to shape a more positive and sustainable future for the music ecosystem as a whole? On which action points do we build our roadmaps and how do we ensure that those roadmaps lead to new deals?

What we offer:

Gateway to 3000+ attendees from the music business in Berlin and abroad.

Networking and 1:1 meeting opportunities with a progressive and diverse audience that embraces all kinds of music business pros and starters from artist to music major, from booking to music tech, from publishing to platform

Free access to the three days of Most Wanted: Music 2022 (08.-10.11.22) for you, your co-organizers and speakers

Your contribution will be featured as part of the main conference programme in MW:M22’s marketing and press communication, at the conference website and at MW:M22’s official conference platform.

Professional recording of your conference session

What we expect:

  • Send us your idea for a contribution by filling in this form before 29th of July 2022.
  • The ideal length of a session is 20-30 minutes.
  • The ideal length of an interactive format is 60 minutes.
  • Add a description of your session, that explains why your topic contributes to A NEW DEAL in the music space.
  • Let “show, don’t tell” be your mantra: Try to focus on experience and hands-on advice .
  • Add the names of all persons you would like to involve. Remember: Less is more. More is bore.
  • Prerecorded, live digital or live on stage? Tell us what format you have in mind. The conference is hybrid, and gives us a lot of opportunities for on-site and online formats.
  • Formats are not fixed, but to give you a hint: we plan the conference programme mainly in the following formats
    • artist talks
    • lightning talks
    • fireside chats
    • ask me anything sessions
    • master classes
    • workshops 
    • roundtables
    • fishbowls

Whom we address

As we have set ourselves the goal of making our program as diverse as possible, we are particularly pleased to receive proposals from entrepreneurs/experts with BI_PoC or FLINTA* backgrounds.

We would like this call to be actively forwarded to communities that we have not yet been able to reach on our own.

Please also point out ambiguous or not well understandable formulations. We want to learn. We can only do that if you point out where we can improve.

How we decide

The whole programme team will choose the topics until mid August at the latest by secret vote.