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sustainability at mw:m19 Foto: li-an-lim, unsplash

Sustainability all over MW:M19: nxtB:now, AMA and our experts are leading the way

Sustainability is all over this year’s MW:M program – even the MW:M itself does it’s best to gain a greener footstep. Going further, we want to introduce you to our speakers and a special events – like the listen to berlin: Awards – regarding this topic! Find out how to improve your sustainability in the music industry! When planning and organising the convention, MW:M already pays attention to its green footprint – we’ve talked about it before. But sustainability is also taken into account in various panels, sessions and workshops at MW:M19. In this context, it hosts two of Europe’s new music business working groups — Berlin Music Commission’s nxtB:now and Paris’s AMA (Alliance des Managers d’Artistes). They will kick off an EU-wide collaboration on sustainability: nxtB:now will focus on mobility and sustainability, while AMA looks at the significant CO₂ load created by music streaming.

International experts leading the way

MW:M gathers renowned international experts to lead practical sessions that can transform your sustainable practice in the music industry. To name only a few of the speakers, there will be for example:
speaker mwm19 mmauricio-lizaraza-prada

Amongst other speakers, Mauricio Lizarazo Prada talks about sustainability.

  • Mauricio Lizarazo Prada – founder and producer at Pachamama Culture – demonstrating a tech solution to achieve ecological advancement in event management;
  • Holger Jan Schmidt – project manager of YOUROPE (the European festival association) & TAKE A STAND – speaking about sustainability in the cultural sector
  • Gregor Marvel aka SuperTrashMan – Berlin’s first red Superhero – takes a stand on trash awareness and neighbourhood care;
  • Rüdiger Kruse – member of the German Bundestag and the Budget Committee – speaks about sustainability in Germany; and
  • Konstanze Meyer – Project Manager at Clubtopia – BUND Berlin/Clubliebe e.V – will show how to inject sustainability into club events.
In short: Whatever niche is yours, you can build your toolkit from workshops, speakers and skills. So your work in the music world can be good for the wider world, too! Get more information on the MW:M19 program here!

listen to berlin: Awards – New award category for sustainable engagement in Berlin’s music scene

listen to berlin, Nachchaltigkeit, Sustainability, MWM, Most Wanted Music, MWM Certainly, we love to present highlights and premieres to you – the listen to berlin: Awards and its prize for sustainability are both! However, taking the growing attention towards climate change into account, the listen to berlin: Awards present a prize for sustainability for the first time this year! Next to nominees in eight other categories, for this special award the following initiatives or organisations are nominated:
  • Clubtopia: Clubtopia is a project in cooperation with BUND Berlin e.V., clubliebe e.V. and Clubcommission Berlin, committed to the sustainable and climate-friendly change of the Berlin club scene. In this context, Clubtopia provides climate-friendly action – therefore connects experts of sustainability, innovators of the Future Party Lab and Berlin event managers.
  • Max-Schmeling-Halle: Calling themselves “Die Grüne Hauptstadt-Arena”, the Max-Schmeling-Halle includes economical, social and ecological aspects of sustainability in their structures. Thus, they use solar power, support green public transportation and even got sheep and bees in their areas!
  • Green Music Initiative: Jacob Bilabel founded the Green Music Initiative 10 years ago, now being active all over Germany. Under the motto ‘Groove to save the world’, GMI and its partners want to show that a sustainable world can be louder, more fun and fairer for everyone!
The listen to berlin: Awards will be awarded on 5 November at Kesselhaus Berlin. The award ceremony is part of MW:M’s program. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted on the winners!