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Salon Zukunftsmusik at MW:M19

Salon #Zukunftsmusik at MW:M19: Where young creatives meet music professionals

Another premiere at MW:M19: Salon #Zukunftsmusik creates a platform for the old and the new generation of music professionals to define tomorrow’s music industry. No old-fashioned panel discussions, but innovative and creative talks at eye level. Find out everything about the salon and how you can participate! With its new youth format – Salon #Zukunftsmusik – Berlin Music Commission und Sound Dogma Berlin will bring together young music professionals with experienced musicians, creative minds and media professionals. The idea: no rigid panel discussion, no passive audience, no old-fashioned PowerPoint presentations. Instead, constructive discussions at eye level, with content, opinions and perspectives on tomorrow’s music industry. Salon #Zukunftsmusik is organised as part of MOST WANTED: MUSIC in cooperation with Landesmusikrat Berlin. Here are the key dates for Salon #Zukunftsmusik: When? November 6, 2019 Where? MOST WANTED: MUSIC 2019, room „California”

Salon Zukunftsmusik 2019 Flyer

Speed dating for music professionals

Salon #Zukunftmusik reinvents speed dating: In speed talks à seven minutes, young creatives with the ambition to make music their profession meet experienced professionals to discuss given topics. These results will be present just as quickly in a larger group. The third round is about concrete ideas and burning topics of the music industry. Following the speed talks, Salon #Zukunftsmusik is open to MW:M visitors. This is where the debate on next year’s congress ZUKUNFTSMUSIK2020 starts. Not only the attendees but also the audience gets the opportunity to raise a hand and open the debate. By vote, the agenda for ZUKUNFTSMUSIK2020 will be decided. It shall be fast, loud and controversial!

Salon #Zukunftsmusik: This is how you participate

If you would like to participate, please send an e-mail to Choose one of the two options – the speed talks or the open debate – and tell us, how many people you would like to bring. If you choose the first option, we ask you for one or two sentences about music themes of the future that interest you. So, your discussion partners can prepare themselves. Deadline is October 30, 2019! Don’t miss it when MOST WANTED: MUSIC dreams of the future with the next generation of music professionals! logo landesmusikrat berliSalon Zukunftsmusik at MW:M19