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MW:M20, Solopreneurs, Discount

MW:M20 – Artists & Solopreneurs get a 50% discount on regular ticket price!

MW:M runs a special campaign for artists & freelancers

Most Wanted: Music has always had a place in its heart for solopreneurs: our audience mainly consists of these self-employed artists and freelancers who work in the music and creative industry, two groups that make a huge contribution to the overall music economy. Many businesses could not be successful without these complex, small-scale value chains of self-employed individuals: people like those working in the touring business, creatives such as producers, graphic designers – and obviously the artists themselves.


The Corona crisis has affected these people more than any other type of company: they are the first ones who will not be hired by clients if there is not enough money in the pot.


Especially affected is everyone working in the live industry, which is still recording a huge decline in revenues, often up to 100%. Freelancers are not even entitled to receive “Kurzarbeitergeld” – money that the German government pays to employees of bigger companies to make sure their employers survive. Artists and freelancers are forced to directly apply for unemployment benefit, which – if worst comes to worst – might in some cases even lead to poverty.


MW:M20 ONLINE TICKET FOR ONLY 10€: Artists & Solopreneurs get a 50% discount!

That’s why Most Wanted: Music is running a special campaign for these severely-affected music industry professionals.


From now artists & solopreneurs can apply for a 50% discount on our regular ticket price. Just apply via this form with your name, email address, and basic information on your business (and a link to its website/social media profile) – with a short explanation explaining your role as self-employed artist or freelance worker.


We’ll then get back to you shortly after your application to confirm your qualification – and explain how to get your discounted ticket.


Apply now!