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MW:M19 | Speaker: Scott Cohen – Chief Innovation Officer, Recorded Music at Warner Music Group

What is the value of music in 2019? The music industry is making more money than it has for over a decade – but has our concept of “value” changed in that time? We couldn’t think of anyone better to explore this thorny issue than Scott Cohen. An outspoken proponent of AR, VR, Blockchain and AI, and board member of several cutting- edge companies, Scott works closely with WMG’s senior management team, helping guide the company on music, technology, and culture. Scott’s world-class pedigree extends far and wide: co-founder of revolutionary distribution service The Orchard (now part of Sony Music), he sat on the British Phonographic Industry Council, and he’s exploring biological and digital intelligence as co-founder of CyborgNest. There’s few people better than Scott to uncover the true meaning of music’s value in 2019’s multi-faceted marketplace – and he’s found the right place to do it at MW:M19. MW:M19 takes place in Berlin, the European capital of music technology, on November 6-7 in the beautiful and historic Alte Münze. Get your tickets now! Let us know you are part of MW:M and RSVP to our Facebook-Event!