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MW:M Live: Call for Application extended until September 18th!

MW:M Live: Built to make big steps happen

This year, Most Wanted: Music takes place as a hybrid online and in-person event. MW:M Live, Berlin’s music showcase event, is also embracing this bold new format after 2019’s successful debut. Our music showcase event is a reflection of Berlin’s unique values. It’s presenting extraordinary artists on an innovative platform and creating powerful, progressive and unexpected outcomes.

How does MW:M Live work?

MW:M Live brings artists, brands and the music industry together from Germany and abroad. And you can get the best of both: break your artist into the German market on-site in front of an expert audience or from your home country via livestream/pre-record whilst using the localized influence of MW:M Live. Our unconventional format is designed to work in the way the industry demands: where fast, decisive, powerful decision-making on the best emerging artists is fully enabled.

Here’s why you can’t afford to miss out

Your artists, curated with the main conference, will perform at live events and online for an exclusive group of invited frontline industry guests who can make things happen. There will be booking agents, managers, A&Rs as well as media, sync and decision makers at labels. But MW:M Live is much more than simple discovery. We give this audience of powerful decision-makers the tools to directly network with artists, managers, and industry peers. You can expect Q&A sessions, one-on-one private video meetings, and live chats to quickly get things done. Also MW:M Live’s innovative staging and professionally-shot streams mean that the exclusive audience can see the key performers’ unique strengths in the best light. They are able to assess their talent, and of course to act fast.

Taking part in MW:M Live and vital information

MW:M Live will take place on Thursday, 5th November 2020 in the same historic Alte Münze venue as the convention. The event is open to selected industry guests and additionally, fans will be able to watch the concerts live on YouTube. Do you want to present your artists at our showcase? Then contact us via this short application form before 18th September 2020! To also find out about how your brand can profit from the amazing MW:M experience with manifold opportunities to present your brand in the best possible light, please feel free to contact us!