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Music Changemakers @ MW:M19 | Foto: Ines Pimentel

Let the change happen: Music Changemakers at MW:M19

We are all ready for change – within the industry, our working life and our personal mindset. While social change is always accompanied or initiated by music, MW:M19 casts pioneers of change as their speakers. Let’s have a look at music changemakers in the MW:M19 program! During the 1960s, popular singers such as Bob Dylan lent their names and music to the American Civil Rights Movement. In fact, music assisted the movement long before Dylan, Joan Baez or The Staple Singers. Talking about the so-called Freedom Songs, which helped to build courage, to inspire participation and to foster a sense of community. Ballads such as “Blowing In The Wind” created a pioneering soundtrack and became anthems – connected to an era forever. Nowadays, we yearn for a change again. Taking a closer look at the music industry, this change is about diversity and gender equality. But is actual change happening – and is it fast enough? Does music still have a social impact on change? To answer those tough questions, MW:M19 pulled together pioneers of change and music changemakers that will be discussing the results of their work in asking, “Are we there yet?”. Let’s have a closer look at some program highlights!

Meet inspiring women at MW:M19

Holley M. Murchison Music Changemaker Speaker MW:M19

Holley M. Kholi-Murchison

As part of the Keychange Foundation, MW:M19 proudly presents female speakers, who are inspiringly already living the change instead of just talking about it. For instance, there is Holley M. Kholi-Murchison with a fascinating idea: tell the story of the socio-cultural change you want to become. While her keynote speech focuses on a self-sustainable solution to change, she also leads a workshop that digs deep into your role as a facilitator of change. If you want to be part of her workshop, sign up here. Did you know that only 13% hit-making songwriters in the USA are women? And, that women only occupy 30% of senior industry roles? Lina Burghausen knows all about it! As a music promoter of Mona Lina, freelance author, blogger and DJ, she is able to tell a thing or two about the obstacles women encounter in their daily work. However, at MW:M19, she will not only talk about how she lead her business to success. In her session with Chiara Nacchia and Lana Wittig, she will inspire you to start making your own changes! To widen our focus, MW:M speakers also look at the social impact of music and technology. Teresa Moore (A Greener Festival) and Jeannine Koch (re:publica) explain tangible steps towards a more sustainable music industry. Even more input on this issue will be delivered from the speakers of the panel Supportive Sustainability: Working Together For Good in the Cultural Sector. Among others, Konstanze Meyer (Clubtopia – BUND Berlin/clubliebe e.V.) presents ideas on sustainable alternatives in the cultural sector.

Got you hooked?

That’s not all there is to discover! Get to know the entire program and all confirmed speakers here. If we got you hooked, tickets for MOST WANTED: MUSIC 2019 on November 6 and 7 at Alte Münze Berlin are still available!