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volunteers, most wanted

Most Wanted: Volunteers!

MOST WANTED: MUSIC 2019 is the most important music business conference in Berlin for professional music and creative industries. We pride ourselves with our volunteers, the backbone of our team, without whom no event can happen! To become a part of us, all you have to do is apply! Apply! Read the following descriptions of the teams before you decide to apply: Registration Station You are responsible for a welcoming and fast check-in process. All-Arounders You get to taste a little bit of everything. If you cannot decide what role to choose, this is a perfect one for you! Speaker Support You are the person who welcomes our speakers and gets them on stage! No pressure though! VIP Lounge Help the speakers feel comfortable and keep the area restricted. Interview Room You are responsible for the speakers’ interviews and press. Stage Management You are responsible for technical support and capacity of stages, making sure everything runs smoothly. Information Station You are responsible for giving guidance and assistance to our attendees so they don’t feel lost at any point. Social Media Assistant Work closely with our marketing team and gain insights on social media management! Workshop Room Management You are responsible for the rooms and attendees in an assigned workshop! Afterparty Support If you are a night owl and love to organise parties, this role is perfect for you! TEAM LEADERS Team leaders are responsible for a small team of roughly 5 volunteers. If you are highly organised, reliable and wish to support us on a higher level, please do apply – your skills are greatly appreciated!

When do we need your support?

  • 5th of November 2019: we set up the venue and organise a side event called LISTEN TO BERLIN: AWARD 2019
  • 6th & 7th of November 2019: two event days and when the actual magic happens!
  • 8th of November 2019: tear down
Your time during the event will be carefully planned out so that you can also enjoy the conference. For this to happen we ask for your cooperation – there are up to 100 volunteers involved in this project and your time and actions do affect the team! Prior to the event there will be one informative meeting where you will learn about your tasks, meet your team members and us!

In exchange for your support, we promise:

  • Conference pass: full access to all components of the event and official Afterparty
  • Content: see top music managers, artists and other professionals hold innovative talks and workshops
  • Practical experience: organization of an event with up to 2000 attendees
  • Networking opportunities
  • Recommendation: get a reference from our side for your CV
  • Refreshments: food and drinks during the event
  • T-Shirt & SWAG
Please keep in mind that we can not cover accommodation and travel expenses! For any further questions, please contact: Looking forward to all of your applications and we thank you for your support! Click here to apply!