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Call for Participation

We are looking for your ideas: Call for Participation!

We invite musicians, stage performers and DJs, music tech professionals, music business pros and starters, researchers, scientists and experimenters, multimedia artists, developers and music aficionados, sound designers, audio branders and growth hackers – and of course all other wicked weirdos – who strive for CHANGE in the music universe to contribute to this year’s Most Wanted: Music conference.

We want to pick your brain, ask you anything about your discoveries and be inspired by your craziness to make Most Wanted: Music the place for CHANGE in music and music business in Berlin and abroad!

Call for Participation – submit your idea here:

Apply now!  


Because this year’s motto is CHANGE.

We all long for CHANGE. Years and years we felt, sensed, talked about CHANGE. We starved for CHANGE. But then again, there was doubt: Where can I start? What can I contribute? What if I fail?

The recent Covid crisis shed light to the possibility of rapid and profound CHANGE. Crises are able to disrupt our daily lives, work and environment. That CHANGED the perspective for many of us.

We believe CHANGE is good. And CHANGE is always now.

CHANGE as in…

CHANGE as in TRANSFORM, IMPACT and EXPERIENCE. Let’s make CHANGE happen – together, via re-invention, disruption, and discussion. Let us UNITE to grow new ecosystems, create a greener industry, build diverse communities and combine forces to actively CHANGE our society and economy.


This is the programme scheme of MW:M21:

Lead Topic: Change

Maintracks Impact Transform Experience
Act Business in Motion Green Tomorrow Music Mañana
Unite Ecosystems We are the Force Next Community
Grow Grab Bucks Resilience & Strength The AI in Blockchain
Seed Craftwerk Creative Hook Up The Great Beyond
Spot Fuse Trailblazers Cutting Edge

The Maintracks will build the discourse part of the conference, whereas Act focuses on current developments in music and music business, United features new ways of collaboration and Grow examines new ways of funding and empowerment. The Sidetracks will accompany and frame the discourse with hands-on workshops, networking and experience driven formats.


What we offer:

  • Gateway to 3000+ attendees from the music business in Berlin and abroad.
  • Networking and 1:1 meeting opportunities with a progressive and diverse audience
  • Free access to the three days of Most Wanted: Music 2021 (26.-28.10.21) for you, your co-organizers and speakers
  • Your contribution will be featured as part of the main conference programme in MW:M21’s marketing and press communication, at the conference website and at MW:M21’s official conference platform.
  • Professional recording of your conference session

What we expect:

  • Send us your idea for contribution by applying through the Call for Participtaion form before 31st of August.
  • Add a description of your session, that explains why your topic contributes to CHANGE in the music space.
  • Let “show, don’t tell” be your mantra: Try to focus on experience and hands-on advice .
  • Add the names of all persons you would like to involve. Remember: Less is more. More is bore.
  • Prerecorded, live digital or live on stage? Tell us what format you have in mind.
  • Formats are not fixed, but to give you a hint: we plan the conference programme mainly in the following formats: artist talks, lightning talks, fireside chats, ask me anything sessions, master classes, workshops, barcamps

How we decide:

For the first time in 2021 Most Wanted: Music is honoured to work together with 7 visionaries and trailblazers in our new advisory board. Together we will pick those contributions that set the idea of change to fast-forward.


Call for Participation – submit your idea here:

Apply now!