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Most Wanted: Music 2020 Recap – Videos are online

Today we are happy to announce that the full programme of MW:M20 is available online for free, on-demand usage. You can now find the clips of all individual conference sessions as well as the stunning live performances of all artists who played at MW:M Live on our YouTube channel as well as on our virtual event platform (MW:M20 ticket needed). All videos will be there at your free disposal for an unlimited time. If you didn’t have enough time to watch the whole conference, here is your chance to dig deep into the broad variety of topics about music business, music marketing and music production as well as some of the most important social and political matters regarding the music and creatives industries of today and tomorrow.

Or just re-watch the highlights of the extraordinary talented up- and coming artists that played at this year’s MW:M Live showcase event, and wallow in memories when you see some of the very emotional moments and even funny hiccups of the listen to berlin: Awards 2020.

Please feel free to share the videos with your fellow colleagues and band mates and on your own social media channels.

By the way, you can still use the extensive delegates database on our platform to get in touch with the many exciting national and international fellow music industry professionals and artists who participated in this year’s Most Wanted: Music. Simply access the platform via your browser or use the mobile MW:M20 app.

Most Wanted: Music is looking forward to welcoming y’all again at MW:M21!