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Hybrid Music Lab @ MW:M!

MW:M has lots to shout about – especially with our Voice Control challenge that was launched at Berlin’s Startupnight last Friday. The challenge is a format of the Hybrid Music Lab and a unique experiment. MW:M19 will be the most immersive and insightful yet. MW:M established the Hybrid Music Lab not to be just another “innovation hub” – but to be a practical, dialogue-driven space where the pioneers and visionaries from music and tech can engage in a focused, meaningful way. It’s designed to create solutions and next steps, not just hot air! This is why, in 2019, MW:M will focus on voice assistant systems, Big Data and AI, AR & VR at the interface to marketing, Smart Music Cities and Sustainable Tech. Olaf Kretschmar, Chairman of the Executive Board Berlin Music Commission, said: “MW:M wants to accelerate and actively shape the digital revolution instead of just observing it passively. For this, we need an immersive, holistic approach and a high degree of emotional intelligence. We enable our participants to play an active role in shaping the future of the music industry and are opening up to other creative markets and industries.” You see? It’s time to start gearing up for MW:M19! You got a ticket yet?