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Everything you need to know about our virtual conference platform and app

As Most Wanted: Music takes place virtually this year, we are using the tool Swapcard as our conference platform and app. On this conference site, we are presenting our programme virtually from November 3rd – 5th to everyone with an MW:M online ticket. Don’t have your ticket, yet? Get it now!

One of the main benefits of this tool, are the various networking functions. They allow all attendees to find new contacts with help of the built-in AI, and to directly contact attendees, speakers, exhibitors or even schedule online meetings with each other.

On our virtual conference platform, you get to watch sessions while using the networking benefits via web or mobile app. We call that perfect multi-tasking!


What are the benefits of our virtual event platform?

Join Your Event Community The experience begins with you. Activate your profile in seconds using the email address you used to register for the event. The list of participants, exhibitors and speakers will instantly be at your fingertips.

Book Face-to-Face Meetings Based on your professional needs, Swapcard AI suggests participants with common interests. Start reviewing your matches, initiate conversations and plan to meet up online via video call.

Stay Up-to-Date Notifications ensure you’ll never miss the sessions and meetings you booked. Live updates keep you in the loop throughout the event.

Keep Connected and Gain Prospects With the use of tags, you can qualify your connections and add notes so you won’t forget the important details. After the event, export your contacts to your smartphone or CRM for easy follow up. Say “so long!” to manually entering business card information!


Where can you find the web or mobile app and login?

Please follow this link to either login to the web app, to download the iOS app or to download the Android app. To log-in please use the email you’ve used to get your ticket on Eventbrite.

Each attendee receives an email invitation to join the event. Once the email is recognized, a « magic link » is sent by email allowing you to set up your own password.

Please follow this link for a complete pdf guide for attendees in English or in German. If you still have any questions, please contact us directly via email: