Most Wanted: Music 2020

MOST WANTED: MUSIC 2020 | November 3rd – 5th

From November 3th – 5th 2020, Most Wanted: Music aimed to start building the music and creative industries of tomorrow, where collaboration is not merely about working together but creating new with modern goals and rallying around a new ethos.

As its core theme, MW:M20 embraced the TOGETHERNESS that evolved during the Corona crisis: it’s an opportunity for us to review, rethink and redefine the future music industry, together. All over the world, people are striving for social change. Campaigns are pushing for more diversity, new copyright laws, a fairer distribution of streaming revenues, and for a climate-friendly industry. Our new TOGETHERNESS is accelerating these changes, and it’s at the core of MW:M20.

MW:M20 kicked-off with the listen to berlin: Awards on November 3th, and closed on November 5th with the showcase format MW:M Live. The conference was broadcast live on several virtual channels. The international music industry was brought together in interactive talks, digital and analogue workshops, interviews with artists and experts from all over the world, experimental networking formats and digital live performances.

MW:M20 was a series of bustling, noisy, exciting moments in a very different setting from what we are used to. We sent our intrepid photographer out to experience the buzz of both days of the conference – take a look at some of the many highlights of MW:M20! More pictures on our MW:M Facebook page – tag yourself!

Most Wanted: Music #convention, Berlin Music Commission, pictures by Florian Reimann. listen to berlin Awards, pictures by Stefan Wieland. All pictures are protected by copyright and can’t be used without prior consent from Berlin Music Commission. Please write to for press or media inquiries.


MOST WANTED: MUSIC is an event organized by the Berlin Music Commission on behalf of the Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Enterprises.

MW:M Live is supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media and the Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy and Enterprises.